IDS Research & Consultancy – Quantitative Research Services are based on the insights of customers, opinions for asking the market by using new innovative methods.
IDS Research & Consultancy – Qualified Experts for quantitative research services in the region across UAE & Middle East (MENA & SEA). 

Quantitative Market Research is a methodology of using numerical data and tools in order to make the research solutions for the clients. Here we explain the most advanced quantitative research methodologies in order to identify the market studies and strategies. IDS Research is one of the leading firm which specializing in quantitative market research solutions for the business through online surveys and customer opinions.

IDS Research & Consultancy is a full service market research company in Dubai deliver you smart insights and research for the market in middle east and fast growing markets by introducing new innovative techniques. Here are most advanced quantitative research methods.

  • Face to Face Interviews (CAPI Online/Offline/PAPI)
  • Exit Interviews
  • CATI/Telephonic Interviews
  • Central Location Test
  • Mystery Shopping
  • On Street Interviews/Street Intercepts
  • Advert testing
  • C- Suite Interviews